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BEACON Evolved Art Competition Results

For the past three months, participants in BEACON’s evolved art competition have been using evolution to create art pieces that resemble the BEACON lighthouse. “How is that possible?” you ask? Each entry started as a random image that looked something … Continue reading

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Origins of Life: Experiment art installation at Ars Electronica 2011

The art installation “Origins of Life: Experiment #1.6” by Adam Brown, BEACON’s  artist-in-residence, and Robert Root-Bernstein was featured this month at Ars Electronica 2011 in Austria. This series of experiments is a re-enactment of the famous Urey-Miller experiment which simulated … Continue reading

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BEACON artist Adam Brown featured at Synth-ethic: Art and Synthetic Biology Exhibition, Vienna, Austria

Adam Brown’s work “Origins of Life: Experiment #1.4” is now on display at the Synth-ethic: Art and Synthetic Biology exhibition at the BIO:FICTION science, art and film festival in Vienna. From the website: Origins of Life: Experiment #1.4 Could life … Continue reading

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BEACON’s artist-in-residence, Adam Brown

Did you know that BEACON has an artist-in-residence? Adam Brown, Associate Professor of Electronic Art and Intermedia at MSU, is working on an art exhibit that will demonstrate the concept of evolution in action. The project will be comprised of … Continue reading

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