Student/Postdoc Travel Funds

BEACON has a limited amount of funds available to support travel for undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs who do not already have travel funds in a BEACON-supported project. Types of travel typically supported include: 1) a scientific conference at which you are presenting BEACON-related work; 2) a workshop that will be beneficial to your research; or 3) travel to a BEACON partner institution to collaborate with other BEACON researchers. The maximum travel award is $500 for domestic trips and $1000 for international trips.

If you have a BEACON-supported project with unexpended travel funds remaining, you must use those funds rather than applying for other BEACON support.

In general, BEACON will want to share in travel expenses with other sources.  For example, for presenters at conferences, students should also apply to the Graduate School, which helps to fund such travel.  Departments may also be willing to support some conference travel for presenters.  If your travel is solely for BEACON collaboration, however, other sources may not be available, and we encourage you to apply for BEACON funds.

For MSU personnel, these funds are accessible through BEACON HQ.  At the partner universities, these funds are available as part of each university’s “infrastructure” budget.

To apply, please download the application form here: BEACONTravelApp.doc or BEACONTravelApp.pdf.

Fill it out, and return it, along with a letter of support from your adviser, to the proper person at your institution:

  • MSU: Danielle Whittaker (djwhitta at msu dot edu)
  • NC A&T: RaSheeda Lloyd (rdlloyd at ncat dot edu)
  • UI: Mollyann Jones (mollyannj at uidaho dot edu)
  • UT: Laurie Alvarez (LaurieA at austin dot utexas dot edu)
  • UW: Katie Dickenson (katiejd8 at uw dot edu)

If you have any questions, please contact BEACON Managing Director Danielle Whittaker (

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