Outreach to the Public

Using museum exhibits, online materials, and other multimedia, BEACON is sharing evolution in action with the public.

Teacher Training

Through the Texas Natural Science Center, BEACON supports training educators in innovative ways to teach science.

Museum Exhibits

The MSU museum has an ongoing exhibit showcasing BEACON research projects.

The Texas Natural Science Center will also feature evolution in action. Upcoming exhibits will focus on the relevance of evolution to our everyday lives.

BEACON has also partnered with the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture.

Art and Science

BEACON’s artist in residence, Adam Brown, is developing an interactive exhibit in which glowing, sensing robotic units will evolve in response to social interaction with each other and with humans.

Art and Science also intersected in the BEACON-sponsored exhibit “Origins of Life: Experiment #1.2,” in which Adam Brown and Robert Root-Bernstein recreated the 1953 Urey-Miller experiment.

Evolution Podcast

BEACON faculty member Randall Hayes presents a weekly podcast on evolution.

Online Material

Avida-ED, the educational version of the digital life platform Avida, is available online. This program is best suited for use in undergraduate education.

BEACON faculty member Terry Soule created a game for all ages in which the player guides a ladybug to eat aphids – and the aphids evolve in response: Ladybugs and Aphids.

BEACON is partnering with the creator of BoxCar2D to create accessible ways to demonstrate evolution in action to the public.

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