Paul Turner elected to National Academy of Sciences

Paul TurnerProfessor Paul Turner was elected to the National Academy of Sciences earlier this week (following his election to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences two weeks ago).

Paul Turner is a professor of of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University, and he joined BEACON as a Faculty Affiliate in 2013. Since then has been involved in many BEACON projects and mentored several BEACON trainees. He spoke about his fascinating work on using viruses to control antibiotic-resistant bacteria at last summer’s BEACON Congress.

When announcing this exciting news to BEACON, Rich Lenski wrote, “Paul has done beautiful work on the evolution of viruses, including intriguing issues that arise when multiple virions infect the same host cell. In the last few years, Paul has also been performing clever, life-saving (literally) experiments in which phages (viruses that infect bacteria) are chosen that target bacterial pathogens that are resistant to every available antibiotic.”

You can read more about Paul and his work here:

Here’s a write up of one of the cases of using viruses to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria:

Congratulations, Paul!

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