Avida-ED in Action

BEACON scientists and educators featured in MSU Today reporting on a recent publication highlighting the use of Avida-ED in a newly developed undergraduate biology course. The course IBIO150 Integrative Biology: From DNA to Populations, was developed with non-Biology STEM majors in mind, students who need a rigorous major’s level course that covers core concepts emphasized in undergraduate biology reform. The unique component of the course is the incorporation of a digital evolution lab that uses Avida-ED, featuring series of exercises designed to address important concepts in evolutionary biology. In addition, students complete independent research projects. The incorporation of Avida-ED into the course is supported by current grants to the College of Natural Sciences through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, in addition to an Improving Undergraduate Science Education (IUSE) grant Active LENS: Learning about Evolution and the Nature of Science. Avida-ED and other resources developed by BEACON have recently been featured in a video produced for the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) TV.

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