Indigenous Evolutionary Knowledge Survey

This post is written by MSU postdoc Wendy Smythe

For the purpose of this survey we are asking Native American, Alaska Native, Pacific Islanders, and Hispanic individuals to take this 15-minute survey as a means to give voice to the views and opinions of Indigenous people.

The goal is to take an active role in helping bridge the gap of knowledge between non-Native scientists and Indigenous communities by utilizing traditional knowledge to more effectively employ science instruction. Indigenous people possess Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) that has led to the sustainability of many ecological resources—where these resources are responsible for the sustainability of these communities since time immemorial. However, the emerging climate crisis and increased anthropogenic activities have begun to threaten and deplete these resources. To address these concerns, the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields have begun to collaborate with NA/AN communities in an effort to monitor, manage, and protect natural resources.

Currently there is a disconnect between the STEM fields and TEK with regard to ways of knowing and how to ethically and respectfully use TEK. A disconnect that is often reflected in science instruction, where few educators completely understanding Indigenous worldviews and their effects on student learning and world view. Kimmerer provides a more descriptive definition of TEK, where he states that TEK is;

“knowledge, practice, and belief concerning the relationships of living beings to one another and to the physical environment, held by peoples in relatively nontechnical societies with a direct dependence upon local resources…it is born of long intimacy and attentiveness to a homeland and can arise wherever people are materially and spiritually integrated within their landscape. TEK is rational and reliable knowledge that has been developed through generations of intimate contact by native peoples with their land”.

Below is a link to a survey of Indigenous Knowledge in order to collect data on opinions in Indian country about TEK/STEM and Evolution. We are trying to get 300 responses and the first 50 will get a $10 Amazon gift card, followed by a random drawing of 25 for a $5 Amazon gift card. We want any age group, all education levels, and anyone Indigenous (Native American, Alaska Native, Mexican, Pacific Islander).

The survey takes about 12 minutes to complete (and must be completed to get the Amazon gift card).

The survey will be open until February 16, 2017

The best way to effect change of Indigenous Education is by listening to the voices of the people.

Here is the link.

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