BEACON Announces Search for the John R. Koza Endowed Chair in Genetic Programming

A generous gift to BEACON and MSU by Dr. John R. Koza, the acknowledged founder of the field of genetic programming and author of four books on that subject, has endowed this chair, aimed at recruiting one of the leaders in the field as a new MSU faculty member and BEACON contributor. This endowed chair will help to build BEACON’s strength in evolutionary computation during its second five years as an NSF Science and Technology Center, and help to sustain BEACON after the STC funding is over. BEACON’s other endowed chair, the Koenig Chair, is held by Prof. Kalyanmoy Deb, an acknowledged leader in multiobjective evolutionary optimization, and we hope to fill the Koza Chair in GP with someone similarly distinguished in the field of GP. Together, these chairs will play an important role in strengthening BEACON’s long-term contributions to the field.

Full information about the position is available here.

BEACON’s leaders and members join in thanking Dr. John Koza for this marvelous sustaining gift!

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