BEACONites around the blogosphere

The BEACON blog moderator is taking a brief hiatus to finish compiling our annual report to the National Science Foundation. For your weekly dose of evolution blogging, we recommend checking out some other BEACON-related blogs:

  • Variation Selection Inheritance: a blog and podcast by NC A&T faculty member Randall Hayes. VSI is a podcast about evolution, broadly defined as the behaviors of any system that displays the trifecta of variation, selection, and inheritance.
  • Living in an Ivory Basement: MSU faculty member C. Titus Brown’s stochastic thoughts on science, testing, and programming.
  • Pleiotropy: An evolution blog by MSU postdoc Bjørn Østman.
  • Notes from Kenya: MSU Hyena Research: Michigan State University students in Kay Holekamp’s lab blog about their experiences in Kenya, research on spotted hyenas and adventures in the field.
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