Today's BEACON group meeting

Our BEACON group meeting this week focuses on Thrust Group 2 – Behavior & Intelligence.
Speaker: Nicolas Chaumont

Title: Body-brain co-evolution in a 3D environment

I will present a platform that allows the co-evolution of morphology and behavior of creatures that interact in a three-dimensional environment that simulates the physics of rigid bodies. I will present several results that have been obtained with such a system to give an overview of its capabilities and to give the audience an idea of the type of research that can be done with it. We are looking in the near future to expand the use of this software to other researchers at BEACON who are interested in evolutionary questions related to behavior/cognition and population dynamics.

This world and its 3-D block creatures is inspired by Karl Sims classic work, but is far more flexible.  We think it will be a very compelling environment to use for BEACON research.

See you at 3:30 pm EST in the BEACON seminar room, followed by social hour at 4:30!

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