Resources for teaching evolution:

There are a number of excellent websites and organizations that provide extensive resources for teaching evolutionary biology.

Understanding Evolution:

An extensive set of materials and resources for teachers, K-12 students as well as undergraduate students about evolution.


Understanding Science:

An extensive set of materials and resources for teaching K-12 and undergraduate students about science.


Evo-Ed Cases:

A set of online case studies that “track the evolution of traits from their origination in DNA mutation, to the production of different proteins, to the fixation of alternate macroscopic phenotypes in reproductively isolated populations.”


Evolution: Education and Outreach:

An open access journal that “promotes accurate understanding and comprehensive teaching of evolutionary theory for a wide audience.”


HHMI Biointeractive:

A collection of short films, online activities, lecture series, and classroom activities for learning evolution.


National Center for Science Education  

NCSE is a nonprofit that “defends the integrity of science education against ideological interference. We work with teachers, parents, scientists, and concerned citizens at the local, state, and national levels to ensure that topics including evolution and climate change are taught accurately, honestly, and confidently.”

  • NCSEteach: Program in which participants receive strategies for teaching evolution, classroom materials, professional development resources, and priority access to NCSE programs and sponsored activities.
  • Scientist in the Classroom: A program that allows “teachers and scientists to collaborate as colleagues, peers and partners in the scientific enterprise to further science education.”
  • Dealing with Denial: Specific strategies for addressing the challenges that can come with teaching climate change and evolution in the classroom.
  • Classroom Resources: An extensive list of resources for both teaching and learning more about science, evolution, climate change, and more.


PBS Evolution Series:

A set of videos and online activities lessons and activities for learning and teaching evolution.



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